Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Time! :)

We had a wonderful Christmas here in the Lindsey household!! We went to the Grapevine Christmas Parade to kick things off! We went with the Bartels after a lovely dinner at our favorite place for the kiddos, Chickfila, and then headed down to Main Street in Grapevine. The kids like the music, but got a little timid when they played really loud and when there were characters that got too close. It started to mist so we booked it out of there and got the kids home and into bed. Here are some pics from the parade. 

Sitting on Daddy's shoulders

The daddy's holding the kids :)

Enjoying the parade 

Watching the parade

He got a cool glow in the dark necklace!

We had a fun time decorating the house for Christmas too! We put a tree in the rounded staircase area, one in the Juliet balcony and one at the back of our house. We did garland down the stair well and had christmas lights put on our house! I was very excited because I love Christmas and love all the decorations. Here some pics of us decorating. 

We also had to take pictures of Mav for our Christmas cards. It took a little bribing of M&Ms but we got some great shots! 

We also got together with our playgroup for Christmas party and exchanged gifts. The kids also made a craft of a Christmas tree made of their hand prints. The kids had a great time, and we got them to sit still for a few seconds and get a great pic of them!

One day when we went over to Caleb's house to play, we got some great photos of him outside. Here they are!

We also tried to go see Santa at Bass Pro Shop but they were already out of passes, so instead we got to ride the carousel with the AG!

But we did get to see Santa in Southlake. Mav did pretty well, but wanted us to sit with him. So here is our Santa picture for 2011 :) 

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