Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grapefest 2011

Well this week came and went very quickly!! Mav had to be picked up from preschool on Thursday at 10:30 because of an upset tummy and I think the time has been in fast forward since then! :) But it has been a fun busy!

We met up with Joe and Mckenzie Comparin at Grapefest 2011 on Thursday evening and we had a blast! We ate some good food, drank some ok wine..(and I spilt a couple as well) and Mav and Mallory danced to music and petted animals in the Kid Zone. The weather was beyond perfect.. cool, breezy.. perfect autumn night!! Mav liked the Kettle Corn and wanted out of the stroller so he could run around. He is getting SO ACTIVE!! He does not like to be confined! But we had a great time and all crashed when we got home!

On Friday we met up with AGB and Leslie and went to a park in Euless and then to Fuzzy's. We have so much fun with them! On Friday afternoon, it started to get really dark while Mav and I were on the school playground and then all of a sudden, it started to rain!!! It has been so long since it actually, really rained here! We ran back to the house and Mav decided to play in the rain! He loved it! And got absolutely soaked! :)

Ross left to go to the A&M Game this morning so Mallory and Mav and I had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and then did some finger painting :) It was a bit messy, but we got some wonderful artwork out of it!

Now its nap time for Mav and I'm catching up on things at the house. We have had a wonderful weekend so far and can't wait for what next week brings us! We are so very blessed!

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