Monday, September 12, 2011

Pilot Post :)

Alright well here goes nothing! I have finally figured out how to create a blog after many attempts and I have vowed now to blog for at least a year so I can create a scrapbook filled with my family's memories! Now that Maverick started preschool at Compass, I will have a little more time on my hands to chronicle our life's crazy adventures.

Mav sporting his A&M jacket in St. Louis! :)

We just returned from St. Louis visiting my god-sister Megan Janes and her husband, Brandon. They are expecting their baby girl in December! Maverick was great on the plane and an angel while we were there. However, he did pee on Ross on the flight there which was fabulous. He watched Despicable Me and Rio on the flights, played with playdough, stickers, and loved on Brobee. In St. Louis we hung out with Meg and B's neighbors who have a bounce house, Mav loved it! We are totally going to have to get him one for Christmas or something. We went to Eureka Days Carnival where I used the monkey harness on Mav for the first time, worked like a charm! Mav loved the carnival, he got balloons and a new ball and then we make S'mores with the neighbors afterwards. Mav loved their dog Franklin and giggled at him as he chased Mav around the house trying to get his cheese. We had a great time enjoying fall weather there and were sad to leave, especially because we were flying home on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 so we were a little apprehensive to get on a plane. But we can't wait to meet baby Ava!! Now back to reality (and 100 degree weather) here in Texas, third day of Preschool is tomorrow!!