Monday, October 17, 2011

MavJax Stats: 19 months

Ok well I decided to start doing a summary of Mav's stats like every 3 months or so. Height, weight, favorites, words, etc so we can look back and remember everything :) So here goes for 19 months!

Height: 31 inches
Weight: 23 pounds
Clothing: 12-18 month shirts, 12-18 month pants (barely), size 5 shoe

          Food: "ju" (juice), "dadoo" (water), "milk", "ice", "crunchie", "cheese", "cicle" (popsicle), "yuwee yuwee" (M&M), "golfish", "peas", "eonade" (lemonade), "nana" (popcorn), "cookie", "ice cream", "ioli" (ravioli), "anana" (banana), "o-ee-o" (oreo), "lemon", "apple", "hot dog", "ca-cake" (cupcake), "salami", "oipop" (lollipop),"een bean" (green bean)
          Function: "empty", "old", "too big", "too small", "stuck", "hold you", "up", "out", "roll it up!", "throw!", "nigh nigh" (wants to go to sleep), "eat", "no", "aye" (yes), "poo poo" (tell me he went), "all done", "bye", "hello", "uh oh", "yum yum yum" (after watering plants), "gentle", "bable" (breakable), "vroom vroom", "beep, beep beep" (backing up),"off", "on", "step step" (go up stairs), "throw", "pull"
          Things: "dog", "Yahtzee", "Hammy", "swing", "baseball", "bat", "GO!!!", "shoes", "socks", "bathtub", "bubble", "ball", "ballpit", "play-doh", "Target", "french fry", "video", "pumpkin", "orange", "blue" (normally the answer to most questions, besides "no"), "football", "gucka" (sucker), "candle", "diaper", "moon", "roller" (stroller), "snack", "thum, thum,"(jump jump), "stamp", "gymbo", "AG", "stick", "o-ee-o" (video), "cloud", "up" (airplane), "cyckle" (motorcyle), "Maverick", "dollar", "soap", "Aggies", "momma", "dada", "mimmy", "grandpa", "allory" (mallory), "necklace", "girl", "car", "side" (outside),  "nose", "eyes", "mouth", "chin","toes", (knows where bellybutton, ears, hair, arms, fingers are), "baby", "light bulb", "leaf", "pebble", "rock"
          Animals: "goat", "baa baa", "cow", "moo", "cat", "meow", "dog", "duck", "quack quack", "penguin", "elephant", "giraffe", "monkey", "lion", "panda", "bird", "tweet tweet", "turtle", "rabbit", "bug", "bee"

He enjoys watching videos of himself on our phones, playing with his tee-ball set, playing on his playground and rolling balls down the slide, swinging, throwing balls (or anything for that matter), dancing to music, playing with water, watching Momma cook, going "boom" on bed or in ball pit 

He is learning about time-out and goes every now and then. The whole time he is in there he says "no, no, no" (saying he wasn't supposed to do whatever he did wrong).

        Movies: Despicable Me, Rio
        TV shows: Yo Gabba Gabba, Wonder Pets, Blues Clues, Go Diego Go
        Food: cheese, M&Ms, mandarin oranges
        Toy: Balls, lion sucker, stuffed Brobee
        Other: Crocs

Gets up around 8:30am and goes to bed around 8:30pm (now dictated by preschool schedule)|
Naps 45 min at school and 2 hrs at home (1 nap)

If I think of anything else, I'll update :)

Until month 21....

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