Monday, October 24, 2011

My future little chef :)

Hello hello :) Well last week involved some fun activities that showcased Mav's culinary skills! Last Tuesday, Lydia, Caleb and little Katelyn all came over to play. Mav and Caleb enjoying playing in the ball pit and outside. We all had a great time!! They also helped us make Halloween cupcakes! We had a blast playing and the kids liked putting sprinkles on the cupcakes. Mav also enjoyed eating the cupcake batter... just like Dad :)

Mav enjoying the batter :)

Then at preschool on Thursday, Mav's class got to make pumpkin waffles with Ms. Kim! I volunteered to help out in the kitchen so when Mav got there I got to go out and bake with him. He was a little confused when he saw me, but we had fun! He knew what the eggs and milk were and got to help stir the batter with the whisk. He helps me out in the kitchen quite a bit, so he was a pro! Then the kids got to sit down and eat the waffles. Mav really enjoyed it!

When he first saw me in the class.. :)

Stirring the batter

Listening to Ms. Kim
Were contemplating getting Mav a kitchen set for Christmas... but all I know is he loves to help me cook! If I'm in the kitchen, he wants on the counter so he can see what I'm making. I love that he is my little helper in the kitchen :) I look forward to baking yummy fall wnd winter things with him for the next couple of months!

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